About Us

The Twisted Bezel is aimed at people like you, who haven’t given up on your quest for adventure, no matter how old, responsible, or tied down you are.

It’s not too late to how to learn to surf, go rock climbing, pedal up a mountain trail, or fish offshore in a tiny bobbing kayak.

One by one, we’ll go over the basics of everything you need for the adventures you’ve dreamed about doing — or pick them up again later in life.

We’ll help you prepare with the right gear you need to start off — without breaking the bank. We’ll advise about better performing gear and watches for better prices than name brands, wherever we can.


The Twisted Bezel Brothers

We’re Chuck and Brad, Twisted Bezel brothers and real brothers. We live on opposite coasts but share similar interests obsessions, which we chat or text about almost daily. We created this website to draw all of our obsessions together.

A bit more about us …

Chuck Baldwin, writer and publisher

I love being outside. Since even before my days in the Boy Scouts earning Eagle Scout, I worked in communications. I wrote and edited newsletters for the Scouts, the Good Sams, and other activities. I was photography editor for my high school paper, studied art and photography in college, and was a professional photographer at the beginning of my career.

For about a decade I led the production and operations of the the Sierra Club’s award-winning magazine, SIERRA. This was after breaking my arm during an accidental jibe while sailing on the San Francisco Bay that paralyzed my arm for about six months. That shifted my career from photography into publishing. I kept the sailboat for another year before selling it — but I never gave up my thirst for adventure.

I’ve hiked, camped, backpacked, fished, climbed, hunted, birdwatched, kayaked, biked, tried to surf or do something “native” to the great outdoors of everywhere I’ve lived.

I became obsessed with watches after my father died and I inherited the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust he bought in 1966 while on leave from Vietnam. Maybe it was a way of continuing the bond with my father or strengthening the bond with my brother, who is even more obsessed with watches than I am, but I fell in love with watches and horology.

Brad Baldwin, writer and watch expert

This guy, he just loves watches.